Mini Nutritional Assessment® (Summary)

Optimal nutrition is meant to prevent deterioration of mental and physical functions as well as health or treatment complications and to shorten convalescence. The Mini Nutritional Assessment® (MNA®) was developed to detect existing malnutrition or the risk of malnutrition in elderly patients > 65 years. The screening can be performed on an outpatient or inpatient basis. The implementation of the MNA® is recommended by the «European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism» (ESPEN) for elderly patients [1].

Has food intake declined over the past 3 months due to loss of appetite, digestive problems, chewing or swallowing difficulties?
Weight loss during the last 3 months
Has suffered psychological stress or acute disease in the past 3 months?
Neuropsychological problems
Body Mass Index
Calf circumference


Points Nutritional status Recommendation
12 - 14 Normal nutritional status
8 - 11 Risk for malnutrition Consider nutrition therapy
≤ 7 Malnutrition Nutrition therapy recommended
  1. Kondrup J, Allison SP, Elia M et al. ESPEN guidelines for nutrition screening 2002. Clin Nutr 2003; 22: 415-421
  2. Vellas B, Guigoz Y, Garry PJ et al. The Mini Nutritional Assessment (MNA) and its use in grading the nutritional state of elderly patients. Nutrition 1999; 15: 116-122

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